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"Understanding Temple Symbols Through Scripture, History and Art" is by Jack M. Lyon.

"UNDERSTANDING TEMPLE SYMBOLS THROUGH SCRIPTURE, HISTORY, AND ART," by Jack M. Lyon, Deseret Book, $24.99, 151 page (nf)

Jack M. Lyon gives a beautiful presentation to the depths of his new book titled "Understanding Temple Symbols Through Scripture, History, and Art."

Taking sacred themes from the design, construction and presentation of holy temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lyon explores constructs and concepts of these scriptural symbols most respectfully through the lenses of history and art.

The book is full of gorgeous reproductions of ancient art, creating a stunning collection showcased between prophetic and scriptural quotes that draw the reader in toward new depths of understanding.

Lyon, a prolific author and a previous managing editor at Deseret Book, has presented a wealth of information for the mind and the spirit with this tool of temple thoughts. Organized by theme, the book is structured to cover preparation for the temple, the creation, the trees of life and knowledge, the mortal world, ordinances of the temple, and promises yet to be fulfilled. The prologue sets the tone as one of pondering, and the epilogue brings the reader full circle back to application in modern culture.

"Understanding Temple Symbols" works for those who want an in-depth academic analysis or their temple experiences to be enlightened further. The simple teachings of the temple make the book an easy read, while the historical references included with artwork and photographs could leave the reader busy for hours within its pages and pondering once the book is set aside.

Clearly, a culmination of Lyon's study process is well-documented through his previous publications as well as his editorial work on volumes by Hugh Nibley and "The Papers of Joseph Smith," "Understanding Temple Symbols" is a profound work of art and powerful in its own right.

Emily Christensen is a wife, adoptive mother of six, LDS chaplain and author of "Keeping Kyrie: A True Story of Faith, Family and Foster Care." Her doctorate is in marriage and family therapy.

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