Dear President-elect Trump,

You will make America great again by understanding and applying the forgotten true meaning of goodness, right reason and justice.

Goodness is that which favors or facilitates the physical, intellectual and moral progression of all human beings.

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Right reason is a reasoning power that honors goodness while detecting contradictions, assigning responsibilities, understanding that half a truth is a full lie, respecting the nature of things and utilizing knowledge and experience to organize data through analysis and synthesis to create proper abstractions, concepts and definitions.

Justice is the will to protect the common good and the individual freedoms under the guidance of equality, proportion, goodness and right reason.

As you can see, goodness is a common denominator of all and is also an essential part of greatness.

By the way, your meeting with Gov. Mitt Romney was an inspiring sign of your potential for personal greatness.

Jose Oliveira

Salt Lake City