Google Earth Timelapse

Want to see how Utah has changed since 1984? Now you can, thanks to Google.

Back in 2013, Google unveiled the Earth Timelapse technology. But on Thursday, Google announced some new upgrades to the technology, allowing people to see how their city or town of choice has changed since 1984.

“There’s much more to see, including glacial movement in Antarctica, urban growth, forest gain and loss, and infrastructure development,” according to the Google blog.

The new update uses more than 5 million satellite images to show the changing environment. It also uses images from the past, thanks to the Landsat Global Archive Consolidation program.

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There are a lot of fun sites to see around the world. Google highlighted Miami; Brisbane, Australia; glaciers in Shirase and Antarctica, and San Francisco.

We’ve decided to localize that list for you, providing 14 fun places in Utah that have shifted since 1984. Take a run through our list, and try it yourself over at the Google Earth Engine.


Traverse Mountain

Eagle Mountain

Saratoga Springs

Great Salt Lake

Farmington Bay


Downtown Provo

Downtown Salt Lake

Park City

Rio Tinto Stadium

Zion National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park