Wilbur Funches, Associated Press
Real estate magnate Donald Trump poses in front of one of three Sikorsky helicopters at New York Port Authority's West 30 Street Heliport on March 22, 1988. (AP Photo/Wilbur Funches)

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Fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their honor, their fortunes and their very lives for a cause they believed in. These patriots demonstrated great courage, and gave their all, for the fledgling colonies. They understood that freedom was not free. They had to persist against tremendous odds, and fight for it.

So in this presidential election, enter into the ring Donald Trump. His nation has been hijacked by crooked politicians doing service for the global elitists. Entrenched with these crooked politicians is an exceptionally deceitful mainstream media. The government and mainstream media have determined who the next president of the United States will be. They have determined that it will be one of them, Hillary Clinton. They will cheat, lie, slander, manipulate, deceive and do whatever it takes to see their choice elected. Forget the will of the people.

Trump is not a global elitist. He’s a patriot similar to the likes of the Founding Fathers. Although he’s sometimes caustic, and not perfect, nor politically correct, he is a courageous warrior taking on the establishment almost single-handedly with the heart of a lion. For years this nation has not had anyone who will truly stand up for the people and take this nation back for them.

Examine how the government protected and gave Clinton a free pass on her email scandal. Clinton knowingly defied the law. She compromised the security of her nation, and took government owned communications into her personal possession after leaving her position as secretary of state, and willingly attempted to destroy them so her actions could never be known, or used as evidence against her. The government made her "above the law." Why? Because they could do it. The rule of law be damned, even if the profuse evidence made her guilty. Clinton’s record is abysmal and includes: Whitewater and email scandals, Arab Spring and Benghazi fiascos, Clinton Foundation corruption, handling of Iraq/ISIS situation, weakening of Russia and China relations, and so forth.

More recently, sources, such as WikiLeaks, have revealed the extensive fraud and corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Even so, the government and mainstream media are doing their best to protect Clinton from any damage. The government and mainstream media realize that they have to focus on Trump and make him look much worse than Clinton. That’s their strategy — focus on Trump, keep the attention on Trump, make Trump look bad in the eyes of their servants, the citizens of the United States.

America has a gift and a fighter for it, although many don’t realize it. On the issues alone, Trump is far superior to globalist Clinton. Trump wants to put America first. He wants to bring jobs back to America. He wants to protect our borders. He wants to bring respect back to the police departments and restore law and order. He wants to protect America’s sovereignty and not give her to the global elitists. He wants to restore a decimated military and make us strong again. He wants to appoint Supreme Court justices who will support the Constitution. He respects Christianity.

This is a crucial election. If you are a patriot, you’ll vote for Donald Trump. America’s future is at stake. Don’t be politically naïve, uninformed, or deceived by the government or mainstream media. Don’t attempt to be pious, and say that you’ll stay home, and not vote because you don’t like either of them. Don’t vote for someone else because it makes you feel more principled. It’s a wasted vote. This election is far too important. Vote for Trump.

Michael Imhof is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL commander. He is the author of five books. He has served in numerous countries in the world, including the Middle East. He has a master's degree from George Washington University.