As I read through the comments of a news article in which LDS members were supporting Clinton, I could not help but think of how hurtful and vicious we had become in our opinions about who would best serve as a presidential leader.

As I read through the comments, people used harmful words to support one candidate, to bring another down and to belittle the thoughts and opinions of others. I read as scriptures were tossed around as weapons, bashing one another with words of a loving Savior.

As I read the scripture verses that had been used to guide me in my life being turned into a form of condemnation, I was reminded of the only words which I personally needed to hear at that moment: "Love one another."

I am not perfect, nor am I faultless. I am just a woman attempting to do what everyone else is trying to do: to fight for our freedom and make an educated decision on what is best for our country.

I hope and I pray we can come together, to listen to each other, respect the ideas that we each have, whether or not we agree. I hope we remember what the Lord would want: love each other and to uplift each other; to know that bad is bad and good is good; to fight for our eternity. Whatever our religion, our race, our thoughts and our feelings, we need to remember one truth at this crucial time: We ARE brothers and sisters.

Emily Thomas

St. George