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Walnut Springs Press
"Clairvoyance" is by Joan Sowards.

"CLAIRVOYANCE," by Joan Sowards, Walnut Springs Press, $17.99, 261 pages (f)

Jennifer Weston is heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend to prevent an unhappy marriage and watching her father enter into his second marriage four months after his wife died from health struggles. Unable to bear the pain, Jennifer leaves her home in Arizona and accepts a summer job in Windridge, a small town in Oregon, as the novel "Clairvoyance" opens.

Resolving to take a break from dating, Jennifer, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, throws herself into writing a tourist column for the local newspaper. But time flies by as she finds herself swept into the little community and its residents.

Jennifer watches her landlord, Mr. Simon, grieve after losing his wife shortly after Jennifer's arrival. She meets Willy, an old man who watchings the seashore every night for his lost love, Claire. Then she interviews the mayor and tries to get to know his mysterious his niece, while finding herself caught in unraveling the history of the community.

Yet soon enough, Jennifer finds herself caught between two bachelors and a former boyfriend vying for her attention. But before she gets too caught into a romance, Jennifer discovers a new way to look at life and finds that hearts can heal after tragedy.

"Clairvoyance" by Joan Sowards is a refreshing read about healing the soul with a hint of romance. Sowards does an excellent job on establishing a community with all its intrigues, quirks and usual small-town drama. One thing Sowards does really well is develop characters the reader can care about, leaving one wanting for more. The romance, while predictable, is sweet and satisfying.

Although several of the characters are Mormon, the plot focuses on lives of the community members. There is no swearing, described violence or sexual content.

Sowards lives in Arizona and is the author of several novels.

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