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Source: PretzelGames.com
One of the scenery pieces in Red Rock Tomahawk is the Red Rock. Those on top of the rock can take a good shot on the figures below.

Flick'em Up is a game of dexterity set in the Old West. Players compete by flicking wooden discs at opposing wooden figures. Knock down targets to win. Red Rock Tomahawk is an expansion featuring Native Americans, arrows and a gatling gun.

The theme of Red Rock Tomahwak centers around the terrible Cooper clan who has attacked several small villages. These villages belong to the proud Native American people who are ready to fight back.

Using arrows, bows and tomahawks, the Native Americans attempt to defend their land in five different scenarios. But wait, the Cooper clan has a secret weapon, the dreaded rapid-fire gatling gun.

Flick'em Up is a game all about the pieces. In the box, a gamer gets the added scenery of three forests, a totem pole, a red rock mountain and one tipi. There are five native American figures, two bows, six arrows, a Tomahawk, a Gatling gun and six bullets. Various tiles and tokens round out the set.

Starting with three practice scenarios, players begin getting comfortable using the new weapons in the expansion. The Gatling gun, bow and arrow and tomahawk take a little getting used to so the practice is welcome. Players can hit the ground running when the first scenario begins.

In the first scenario, two members of the Cooper clan have burned down a shaman's tipi and the local Native Americans are mad. They approach the outlaws trying to find the two culprits amidst the rest of the clan. By flicking wooden bow and arrow pieces, cowboy figures are knocked down revealing their identity. These discoveries must be made before the clock strikes midnight.

One of the cool things about this game is the well-written rule book. It contains details and graphics all about the scenarios at the heart of the game. For example, a scenario shows exactly how to set up the table piece by piece as well as highlighting what rules will be needed to play. It's clear, concise and easy to understand. It would be nice if all rule books were written this well.

The scenarios continue with one team representing the Native Americans and one team representing the Cooper clan. Each scenario can have only one winner. A bonus scenario is availablle at pretselgames.com/bonus for those who own the first expansion Stallion Canyon as well as Red Rock Tomahawk.

Flick'em Up reminds me of the game children play. A kitchen table with army men is set up and rubber bands are shot at the figures knocking them over. It's fun. It takes skill. For those that like dexterity games such as this, Flick'em Up is fantastic. It's a breath of fresh air among other types of board games.

The quality of the components is wonderful and the scenarios could be played over and over again. Children love to flick the wooden pieces around trying to hit cowboys and Native Americans. It's great fun for families. Find out more about the game before you buy.