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You’ll be seeing a little bit more of Salt Lake City on the Disney Channel next year.

According to Broadway World, a new Disney channel original series called “Andi Mack” started production in various places across Salt Lake City this week. It will premiere in 2017.

The show, a single-camera comedy, will follow the life of 13-year-old Andi Mack, played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee of “Scandal” fame.

Mack, who wants to be a regular teenage girl, will soon find “herself questioning everything she's ever known after her older sister returns home unexpectedly,” according to Broadway World.

If this sounds like your typical Disney show, think again. The show’s creator is Terri Minsky, who produced and created the Disney hit “Lizzie McGuire.”

Due to the popularity of that show, Disney executives hope Minsky can create a similar experience with “Andi Mack.”

“When Terri created ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ she helped put Disney Channel on the map with a character that our audience could identify with,” Disney Channels Worldwide original programming exec VP Adam Bonnett said in a statement to Variety. “And we look forward to introducing ‘Andi’ to a new generation of kids and tweens.”

Michelle Manning, who co-produced the R-rated '80s teen movie “The Breakfast Club,” will serve as an executive producer.

Upon starting production, the show released its first photo, depicting the cast gathered together, celebrating the beginning of the new show’s run, according to Bustle.

“Just look at that body language,” Alexis Rhiannon wrote for Bustle. “Everyone has their heads tilted toward one another, in relaxed, easy poses, and their smiles look really genuine to me. It's really telling that the network didn't elect to use a photo of them all working, or rehearsing a scene, but instead taking some time just to enjoy each others' company. That's a big sign of what to expect from the show overall.”

Disney Channel is known for its kid- and family-friendly lineup of television shows, including the recent popular hit “Girl Meets World.” The channel also produces a range of shorts and made-for-TV movies, some of which have been part of the millennial lexicon since the early 2000s.

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.