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Christine Rappleye
"Letters from Home: How to Lift Your Missionary and Unify Your Family" is by Robert Quinn and Shauri Quinn Dewey. (for online)

"LETTERS FROM HOME: Lift Your Missionary & Unify Your Family" by Robert Quinn and Shauri Quinn Dewey, Cedar Fort, $16.99, 243 pages (nf)

At first glance, "Letters from Home" by Robert Quinn and his daughter Shauri Dewey, is a manual teaching family and friends of Mormon missionaries how to communicate more meaningfully with them during their service for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Upon closer inspection, it is a treasure map guiding missionaries and their loved ones closer to Jesus Christ and to each other, one shared experience and inspired message at a time.

With the vision of a business leader devoted to positive change and the devotion of an LDS missionary parent and former mission president, Quinn demonstrates the power of encouraging, spiritually oriented letters intended to convert both writer and recipient. Dewey lends her experience as a seasoned writer and media manager as well as a returned LDS missionary to convey the importance of communicating in disciplined, potentially life-changing ways.

The authors draw heavily from scripture and the "Preach My Gospel" missionary manual to instruct how to write letters that teach through love and revelation. Quinn’s greatest tool is his compelling “core experiences” or defining moments in life. He illustrates the art of faith-promoting storytelling to combat negative feelings and encourage Christ-centered action.

The first section acts as a letter-writing handbook, featuring examples, mind maps, reflection questions and ideas for family letter-writing projects. The second section has letters Quinn wrote to his missionaries when he served as a mission president in Australia, and the letters are effectual mini sermons on how to become powerful, pure servants of Christ.

While "Letters from Home" is tailored for missionaries and their loved ones, its insights about gospel principles, developing Christ-like qualities and the power and purpose of Atonement-centered communication are universally applicable.

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