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Within one week, internet users raised more than $39,000 for an expandable, lightweight tent system.

Cotopaxi, a Utah company, won a "Gear of the Show" award from Outside Magazine at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City recently. Outside Magazine gives five "Gear of the Show" awards at each Outdoor Retailer exhibition.

The recognition was for a unique tent design that combines two two-man tents.

The idea for the tent came from an experience Cotopaxi founder Davis Smith had while backpacking with his family. Instead of bringing a five-person tent, Smith brought two smaller tents which were lighter. Even though the two tents together were lighter than a five-person tent, it was still difficult to carry.

"It about killed me it was so heavy," Smith said.

When Smith returned from his trip, he told the gear designers about his problem and they started creating an expandable tent to solve the problem. The solution they came up with includes an alcove that can be attached or removed depending on the space needed.

To win one of Outside Magazine's coveted awards is a big deal for a small local company that has only existed for three years — especially at a large retailer show that hosts hundreds of businesses from around the world. The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market highlights vendors and products related to the great outdoors. This show is the largest outdoor sports show of its kind, according to its website.

Cotopaxi's company is motto "gear for good."

"Our role is to do good in the world," Smith said. "Our entire brand is about giving back."

Smith looks forward to innovating products and processes that can benefit the lives of others around the world.

Cotopaxi recently opened a new store on 74 S. Main in Salt Lake City.