Provided by Audrey Leavitt
The Leavitt family's business, Charmed Playhouses, is based in Lethbridge, Alberta. They are currently working on a TV show with TLC, featuring their elaborate playhouses.

Who does NBA MVP Stephen Curry turn to when he wants to buy a playhouse for his children? The "Playhouse Masters."

“Playhouse Masters,” the official title of LDS couple Tyson and Audrey Leavitt’s new television show on TLC, premieres on Aug. 23.

Described by as “the goofy and charming hosts,” the Leavitts own Charmed Playhouses, a company that designs and builds “fantastical and over-the-top” playhouses, tree houses and even doghouses.

“The first season will feature a slew of celebs, as well as other families. In addition to the Golden State Warriors star, the lineup includes Ali Landry, whose kids dream of hanging out in a fantasy birdhouse, Law & Order‘s Alana de la Garza, whose youngsters go for a brainy planetarium theme and Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals, whose daughter dreams of a classic storybook castle,” read the article.

With three children still at home, the couple stresses the importance of faith in Jesus Christ, which has enabled them to balance every aspect of their lives, according to a article.

“We both felt that this is a path that the Lord wanted us to walk,” Audrey told ”We aren’t sure exactly why that is yet, but we really do hope that we can represent both our church and ourselves in a way that God would be proud of. And if we do that, we know that there will be some good that comes out of it that’s bigger than just playhouses and TV shows.”

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