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The city of Centerville has reached a settlement with the widow of a man who was shot and killed by an officer in 2014.

CENTERVILLE — The city of Centerville has reached a settlement with the widow of a man who was shot and killed by an officer in 2014.

On Friday, a settlement of $127,000 was announced. Molly Farrand had originally sought $2 million in her lawsuit.

Vincent John Farrand, 38, was shot on April 13, 2014, by Centerville police officer Jason Reed.

In her lawsuit, Molly Farrand contended that her husband was upset with another man for allegedly making advances toward her. Vincent Farrand, who was armed with a handgun, started driving to the Bountiful man's house.

But he apparently changed his mind before reaching the house and returned home a few minutes later. Molly Farrand, who had contacted police allegedly telling them her husband was suicidal, called them back to say that officers were no longer needed.

Two officers continued to the Farrand home, however, and arrived a short time later. Molly Farrand went outside to greet the officers but claims she was forcibly led away, the lawsuit states. Police say they were moving her to safety. Her husband then walked outside the house.

Police say Vincent Farrand was armed and not obeying their commands. The lawsuit contends a conversation was recorded on an officer's body camera in which one officer stated that Farrand had put his gun down when he was shot in the back twice.

But attorney Heather White, who was hired as outside counsel for Centerville, said Ferrand did not place the gun on the ground, and in fact raised it toward the officer. The gun was still in Ferrand's hand after he was shot, she said.

The Davis County Attorney's Office determined the shooting was legally justified.

"The $127,000 settlement was reached as a result of the city’s insurance carrier’s opinion that it was less expensive, and in the taxpayers’ interest, to settle rather than engage in a long and expensive legal fight," White said Friday. “The settlement in no way should be construed that the officer involved was at fault. If Mr. Farrand had dropped his gun as the officer directed, the outcome would have been very different.”

As part of the settlement, the Farrand family cannot "publicly criticize, ridicule, defame or disparage" releases by Centerville police or the city, nor criticize police practices, policies and personnel.

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