Former Jazz All-Star Mark Eaton shared a piece of history on Twitter on Wednesday:

This is the mailgram that the great Frank Layden sent to Eaton in 1982 informing him that the Jazz picked him in the fourth round of the NBA Draft. Back in the day, mailgrams were how teams informed some players that they'd been drafted.

Considering that Eaton would go on to win two NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards, Layden and the Jazz got a good deal for Eaton.

Mike Leach visits BYU cafeteria

Washington State head coach Mike Leach was spotted at the BYU Cannon Center on Wednesday. Bill Wright, assistant manager at the Cannon Center Commons, got a picture with Leach and shared it on Twitter.

Leach is a BYU graduate and even lived at Helaman Halls when he was a student. He met his wife at BYU and his daughter Janeen also attended BYU. While Leach didn't play football for the Cougars, LaVell Edwards and Norm Chow both influenced his coaching style.

Apparently, the Washington State head coach still likes visiting the Cannon Center for a bite.

Utah football defensive triplet ranked No. 6 in the Pac-12

Lowell Lotulelei, Sunia Tauteoli and Marcus Williams were picked as the No. 6 defensive triplet by Kevin Gemmell of ESPN. These triplets picked one player each from the defensive line, linebackers and secondary and stacked them up against other triplets from the Pac-12.

"This is a solid group, maybe one of the best in the conference," Gemmell wrote. "What held them back during the voting/ranking process was the lack of experience at linebacker. That’s to be expected until we see what the group can do. But it’s worth noting that Utah’s defense ranked second in the conference last season, allowing just 22.3 points per game."

Meaning the Utes probably will finish better than No. 6 in defense next season, but the trio only made No. 6 because of Sunia Tauteoli's lack of experience.

Lafe Peavler is a sports strategist for the Deseret News and Follow him on Twitter @LafePeavler.