I have considered myself a Republican all of my adult life. I felt Gary Herbert had been a good governor and determined I would vote for him again. I was surprised when he was defeated by a newcomer at the Republican convention. I determined that I would learn about Jonathan Johnson. My initial study proved Jonathan Johnson to be a qualified, moral and principled candidate.

At this time I learned of and was stunned by the Alta Club “available Jones” revelation. I listened to the recording of Gov. Herbert in disbelief. I was disgusted and disheartened. It sounded like I imagine Washington, D.C., corruption to be. Our governor, who is “willing” and “available” to change his principles for “a check,” should never hold office again. He is “for sale.” The Republican challenger, Jonathan Johnson, will be a governor we can be proud of. It is time for this change.

Elsie Bringhurst

Fruit Heights