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"Wreckage" is by Emily Bleeker.

"WRECKAGE," by Emily Bleeker, Lake Union Publishing, $14.95, 296 pages (f)

Emily Bleeker introduces a topsy-turvy, scandalous tale of plane crash survivors who find themselves stranded on a tropical desert island. “Wreckage” provides present events and flashbacks from Dave Hall and Lillian Linden, two survivors who have secrets to hide from the world.

Lillian finds herself on an all-exclusive paid trip with her mother-in-law, Margaret, to Fiji. While flying to a private island, the plane makes a crash landing, killing the flight attendant instantly and leaving the survivors in the middle of the ocean with one survivor badly wounded.

After a brief period, Dave and Lillian become the only two remaining survivors on the island. Although both have spouses waiting for them, they find their attraction for each other growing with each day.

After they've been on the island for years, a helicopter arrives and they are rescued. Dave and Lillian are thrown into the spotlight, becoming national celebrities. They are then left with the choice of returning to their former lives and spouses, or continuing in their tangled life together.

Due to the questionable circumstances of the pilot’s death and the decomposing body of a newborn that rescue workers dig up on the island, Dave and Lillian decide on certain lies to keep their secrets covered and their stories compatible.

“Wreckage” includes swearing throughout the novel, an attempted rape and many sexual situations. There is also a generally described murder.

Bleeker became an avid writer during her time as an educator. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband and children.

"Wreckage" is one of five finalists in the general fiction category of the Whitney Awards. The awards recognize novels by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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