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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Las Vegas firefighter Ben Penick pulls a 125 pound tire during the Utah Valley University Recruit Candidate Academy's Fire Games in Provo Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

Members of Utah Valley University’s Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy take on veteran firefighters in a tug of war during the academy's Fire Games in Provo on Wednesday. The games give the students — who graduated Wednesday night — and academy alumni a chance to show off their skills and physical preparation in a series of events geared toward job-related functions. In addition to the tug of war, participants performed a bucket brigade, conducted self-rescues and turnout drills, and did pullups — all in the name of fun and competition. The UVU academy is designed to prepare future firefighters for a career in the fire service. The course, held during fall and spring semesters, includes approximately 400 hours of classroom and “fireground” training, plus an additional 300 hours of college-level prerequisite course work. Prospective students are registered through UVU and are enrolled in 16 credits of instruction for the academic semester.