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Alex Boye became known for his ability to put an African twist on popular songs after performing Coldplay’s “Paradise” in Swahili with The Piano Guys in 2012. A video of the cover now has over 46 million views on YouTube.

Boye returned to singing in Swahili in a YouTube video uploaded Wednesday.

In the video, Boye, the BYU Men’s Chorus and the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra perform “Baba Yetu,” which is the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili.

When Boye shared the video on Facebook, he explained why the song is meaningful to him.

“When my family found out I joined the church at the age of 16, I was kicked out of my house,” Boye wrote, “That night, I walked the streets of London in tears, clinging to the Book of Mormon like my life depended on it. It was the only thing constant left in my life. As I walked the cold London streets, I stopped to search in my little case for something warm. I pulled out a BYU sweatshirt. The sisters that taught me gave it to me as a gift on the day of my baptism. Man, I cherished that shirt and wore it until the material started falling apart. While walking the streets homeless, I would recite the Lord’s Prayer, and it became a source of deep comfort to me.”

In a separate YouTube video, members of the BYU Men’s Chorus performed the song in Africa.

Watch the video with Alex Boye on YouTube here.

Watch the video performed in Africa on YouTube here.

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Lindsey Williams writes for the the Faith and Family sections of DeseretNews.com.