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"Abby's Crossing"

"ABBY'S CROSSING," by Darryl Harris, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 288 pages (f)

Abby Butterfield Browett became a young widow when her young husband was killed at the hands of a local Shashoni tribe. In recompense for her loss, the tribe gives her a young orphan Indian named Yahni to raise as her own. In order to provide a future for her adopted son and herself on the frontier of Cache Valley, she becomes engaged to Issac Jacobs, a man nearly twice her age but who shares her faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The book "Abby's Crossing" opens with Abby and Issac, along with her son Yahni, on their way to the Endowment House in Salt Lake City to be sealed before the snow hits. However, their journey is interrupted shortly thereafter while crossing a creek, and Issac is left with a broken leg. The situation looks hopeless until they are rescued by a group of rough frontiersmen and their leader, Scooter, who is not only handsome but also has a mysterious background.

This incident provides Abby with an excuse to postpone the wedding until spring. As part of her agreement to raise her adopted son, Yahni visits the Shashoni tribe every year during the winter months to learn about the Shashoni ways. However, as Abby watches her son leave with the Shashoni chief this year, she feels nothing but dread.

Shortly thereafter, United States militia attacks the Shashoni Tribe in what became known as the Battle of Bear River. The Shashoni are massacred and anything left over from the battle is looted by the militia. Hearing the news, Abby is terrified about her son, wondering if he is alive or if he's being held hostage.

Disregarding all propriety, she turns to Scooter for help in locating and rescuing her son. Together, they face danger and embark on a journey of faith, courage and forgiveness. Additionally, Abby will have to make a decision concerning her heart and if she will give love a second chance, even if he doesn't share her faith.

"Abby's Crossing" is LDS historical fiction and a quick read. It contains many historical facts about this time period in Mormon history. There is no offensive language, and the book follows the theme of forgiveness and repentance. Overall, the violent description is mild, although there are some descriptive images concerning the battle that are disturbing.

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