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Patrick Q. Mason, the Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies and Associate Professor of Religion at Claremont Graduate University, is the author of "Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt."

About 50 works, including books, stories, films and screenplays by, for or about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have been named finalists across a dozen categories for Association for Mormon Letters awards.

The winners in each category will be announced at the AML conference March 4-5 at BYU-Hawaii where the keynote speakers include Terryl L. and Fiona Givens.

Phyllis Barber will receive the Smith-Pettit Foundation Award for outstanding contribution and Donald R. Marshall will be presented the Association for Mormon Letters Lifetime Achievement Award, according to a news release.

In the comics category, the finalists are “Stripling Warrior” by Brian Andersen and illustrated by James Neish; “Dendo: One Year and One Half in Japan” by Brittany Long Olsen; and "My Hot Date” by Noah van Sciver.

The finalists in the creative non-fiction category are “The Accidental Terrorist” by William Shunn; “Fresh Courage Take” edited by Jamie Zvirzdin and “My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married” by Joey Franklin.

In the criticism category, the finalists are Terryl L. Givens and Philip L. Barlow, editors of “The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism”; and Eric W. Jepson, editor of “Dorian, Nephi Anderson: A Peculiar Edition With Annotated Text and Scholarship.”

The finalists in the drama category are “A/Version of Events” by Matthew Ivan Bennett; "Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale and adapted by Lisa Hall Hagen; and “Pilot Program” by Melissa Leilani Larson.

In the film category, the finalists are “Christmas Eve” directed by Mitch Davis; “Freetown” directed by Garrett Batty; “Just Let Go” directed by Christopher S. Clark and Patrick Henry Parker; “Once I Was a Beehive” directed by Maclain Nelson; and “Peace Officer” directed by Brad Barber and Scott Christopherson.

The finalists in the lyrics category are “The Desired Effect” by Brandon Flowers; “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons; “Ones and Sixes” by Low; and “Until I Live” by The National Parks.

In the category for middle grade novel, the finalists include “Mothman’s Curse” by Christine Hayes; “A Night Divided” by Jennifer A. Nielsen; “Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention” by J. Scott Savage; “The Sound of Life and Everything” by Krista Van Dolzer; and “Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave” by Jen White.

For best novel, the finalists are “The Agitated Heart” by J. Scott Bronson, “Son of the Black Sword” by Larry Correia; “His Right Hand” by Mette Ivie Harrison; and “Sistering” by Jennifer Quist.

In the young adult novel category; the finalists include “Shutter” by Courtney Alameda; “Ink and Ashes” by Valynne Maetani; “Firefight” by Brandon Sanderson; “The Storyspinner” by Becky Wallace; and “Fish Out of Water” by Natalie Whipple.

The finalists in the picture book category include “Zombelina Dances the Nutcracker” by Kristyn Crow; “Talon Wrestles an Anaconda” by Auntie M (McArthur Krishna); “Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Strong Women from the Book of Mormon” by McArthur Krishna, Bethany Brady Spalding and Kathleen Peterson; and “Job Wanted” by Teresa Bateman.

In the poetry category, the finalists include “Glyphs” by Colin Douglas; “Lake of Fire: Landscape Meditations from the Great Basin Deserts of Nevada” by Justin Evans; “Let Me Drown With Moses” by James Goldberg; and “Hive” by Christina Stoddard.

In the category for religious non-fiction include “Traditions of the Fathers: The Book of Mormon as History” by Brant A. Gardner; “The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism” edited by Givens and Barlow; “Postponing Heaven: The Three Nephites, the Bodhisattva, and the Mahdi” by Jad Hatem; “Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt” by Patrick Q. Mason; and “Relational Grace: The Reciprocal and Binding Covenant of Charis” by Brent J. Schmidt.

The finalists in the short story category include “Remainder” by Spencer Hyde; “The Naked Woman” by Theric Jepson; “Absolute Zero” by Scott Parkin; and “An Immense Darkness” by Eric James Stone.

In the short story collection category, the finalists are “Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American Stories” by William Morris; “Wandering Realities: Mormonish Short Fiction" by Steven L. Peck; and “Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives” by Karen Rosenbaum.

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