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Luke Franke, Deseret News
Sky View High School girl's swimming team erupts after being announced the class 5A state champs Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, at the Stephen L. Richards building in Provo.
It’s so exciting. We came into this seeded fourth and we didn’t think we could top Viewmont or Brighton, so it’s exciting. —Sky View coach Marcus Singleton

PROVO — While one set of coaches (in street clothes) jumped into the water willingly, another coach was pushed in. Either way, the feeling was of pure joy as they and their teams celebrated their state championships together in the water.

Friday, for the second year in a row, the Viewmont boys swim team took first place in the 5A State Swimming Championship at the BYU pool, which warranted the tradition of coaches jumping into the water. On the girls side, Sky View came out of nowhere to take the title over day one favorites Viewmont, Brighton and West. The Sky View team cornered their own coach and pushed him into the pool, possibly starting a tradition of their own.

While Viewmont had a commanding lead coming down the stretch despite only leading by a narrow margin after day one, the girls' competition was close down to the last second.

Going into the final event, the 400 freestyle relay, Sky View held a slight lead over Brighton and West. In the race, each of the three teams was close coming down the stretch but the Bobcats were clutch and edged out the competition to win both the race and the meet.

“It’s so exciting,” Sky View coach Marcus Singleton said. “We came into this seeded fourth and we didn’t think we could top Viewmont or Brighton, so it’s exciting.”

In said race, senior Olivia Christiansen, who had just raced in the 100 breaststroke, was feeling some pain in her hip that had been bugging her all year. She and her relay teammates put together a great race, however, to cap a second-day surge for the state title.

“We were just talking and we thought: ‘We have a chance to make our school proud, this could be something big for our school,’” Christiansen said. “We said: ‘Do your very best and leave with no regrets,’ and we did it.”

For Viewmont in the boys competition, winning the title was in question after day one and somewhat on day two, but due to consistency and depth among the Viking squad, the title was ultimately theirs.

After the first two events of Friday’s portion of the meet, Viewmont trailed Brighton while Cottonwood was close behind. However, in the third event, the 500 freestyle, things changed drastically as Viewmont swimmers gathered up a bunch of points to take the lead.

Boys Swimmer of the Year Drew Bonner of Viewmont, who was the favorite to win the event, lived up to the hype as he won with a time of 4:32.53, breaking the previous state record. Cottonwood freshman Jarod Arroyo was close on his heels the whole race but for Bonner, that was all part of the plan.

“I wanted to pace with (Arroyo) and just take it at the very end,” Bonner said. “I’ve been training for that my whole life. The 500 is my race and I wasn’t going to let a freshman take it from me.”

Once that race was won, Viewmont head coach and boys Coach of the Year Steve Dolman knew that the state title was theirs.

“I felt like when Bonner won the 500, we were going to win,” he said. “After he won, the rest of it was downhill. Everyone did their job.”

As for Bonner’s race, it was an exciting moment for everyone, including Dolman.

“That was the most exciting race of my life,” Dolman said. “For a high school kid to go that fast and break the state record, that is incredible. It’s like the greatest thing ever.”

In addition to Bonner’s record that was set on Friday, another record was set in the girls 100 backstroke by girls Swimmer of the Year Rhyan White. The Cottonwood sophomore blew the competition away, finishing the event in 53.45 seconds, almost six full seconds faster than second place.

In addition to White, Dolman and Bonner, the other award handed out on Friday night, girls Coach of the Year, went to Brighton’s Todd Etherington.

Girls Team Scores

1. Sky View, 262. 2. Brighton, 251. 3. West, 233. 4. Cottonwood, 185. 5. Viewmont, 180. 6. Jordan, 161. 7. American Fork, 141. 8. Lone Peak, 128.

100 Butterfly

1. Rhyan White, Cottonwood, 55.27. 2. Autumn Wolfgramm, West, 56.78. 3. Marah Smith, Viewmont, 58.31. 4. Kyrie J. Sutherland, Fremont, 59.22. 5. Kenzie Chesler, Lone Peak, 1:00.90. 6. Brooke E. VanBrocklin, Brighton, 1:01.99. 7. Julia Sherman, West, 1:02.28. 8. Gretchen Hyer, Jordan, 1:02.54.

100 Freestyle

1. Claire N. Jackson, Hunter, 52.52. 2. Megan Brimhall, Sky View, 53.17. 3. McKenna G. King, American Fork, 53.64. 4. Fane Wolfgramm, West, 53.78. 5. Kenzie E. Ford, Westlake, 54.87. 6. Maddie Hill, Jordan, 55.90. 7. Anna M. Hibbard, Brighton, 56.12. 8. Sam K. Sanderson, Brighton, 56.31.

500 Freestyle

1. Rachel E. Butler, Brighton, 5:04.06. 2. Shelby E. Graves, American Fork, 5:21.50. 3. Emily Speth, Sky View, 5:21.88. 4. Hannah G. Roberts, Bingham, 5:25.27. 5. Autumn Babcock, Copper Hills, 5:26.78. 6. Haley Wiese, Jordan, 5:30.77. 7. Marina Gerton, West, 5:32.20. 8. Hailey Checketts, Mountain Crest, 5:33.40.

200 Freestyle Relay

1. West (Fane Wolfgramm, Julia Sherman, Emily Dixon, Autumn Wolfgramm), 1:39.58. 2. Viewmont, 1:40.04. 3. Sky View, 1:41.74. 4. Jordan, 1:42.53. 5. Westlake, 1:42.76. 6. Brighton, 1:43.29. 7. Fremont, 1:43.55. 8. American Fork, 1:44.39.

100 Backstroke

1. Rhyan White, Cottonwood, 53.45.* 2. Natalie Davis, Lone Peak, 59.12. 3. Megan Brimhall, Sky View, 59.32. 4. Hannah Dibb, Cottonwood, 1:00.47. 5. Grace Kroll, Bingham 1:00.55. 6. Maddie Hill, Jordan, 1:01.12. 7. Kjersten Roberts, Lone Peak, 1:02.23. 8. Vivienne Colbert, West, 1:02.27.

100 Breaststroke

1. Mariah Gassaway, Viewmont, 1:03.93. 2. Mckenna Gassaway, Viewmont, 1:04.36. 3. Katelyn Price, Cottonwood, 1:08.24. 4. Sydney Hyer, Jordan, 1:08.89. 5. Ava N. Binder, Brighton, 1:10.09. 6. Olivia Christiansen, Sky View, 1:10.17. 7. Lainey Bingham, Sky View, 1:10.56. 8. Sarah Scott, Mountain Crest, 1:11.44.

400 Freestyle Relay

1. Sky View (Millie Miggin, Lainey Bingham, Olivia Christiansen, Megan Brimhall), 3:40.54. 2. Brighton, 3:40.97. 3. Cottonwood, 3:41.32. 4. West, 3:41.66. 5. Lone Peak, 3:42.99. 6. Bingham, 3:47.73. 7. Westlake, 3:48.03. 8. American Fork, 3:48.18.

Boys Team Scores

1. Viewmont, 256. 2. Cottonwood, 237. 3. Lone Peak, 229. 4. Mountain Crest, 213.5. 5. Brighton, 207. 6. Westlake, 129. 7. Sky View, 128. 8. Riverton, 100.

100 Butterfly

1. Jarod Arroyo, Cottonwood, 50.74. 2. Zach Julien, Viewmont, 51.94. 3. Brian A. O’Neal, Brighton, 52.13. 4. Zach Sannar, Viewmont, 53.39. 5. Josh Provost, Fremont, 53.58. 6. Noah Housley, Herriman, 54.20. 7. Parker A. Wiest, Brighton, 54.53. 8. Cade Black, Mountain Crest, 55.23.

100 Freestyle

1. Brock B. Harries, Brighton, 47.53. 2. Adam Edwards, Mountain Crest, 47.92. 3. Christian Simon, Cottonwood, 47.99. 4. Trevor Maxfield, Riverton, 48.17. 5. Kimble R. Petersen, Westlake, 48.72. 6. James R. Dock, Westlake, 49.35. 7. Landon Spring, Sky View, 49.59. 8 Caleb Roundy, Cottonwood, 49.97.

500 Freestyle

1. Drew Bonner, Viewmont, 4:32.53.* 2. Jarod Arroyo, Cottonwood, 4:34.11. 3. Mitchell Simmons, West, 4:48.62. 4. Jacob Bushman, Riverton, 4:51.69. 5. Devin Bunnell, Pleasant Grove, 4:55.65. 6. Ryan Jarrett, Mountain Crest, 4:58.89. 7. Spencer M. Kyle, Bingham, 4:59.86. 8. William Harris, Viewmont, 5:00.57.

200 Freestyle Relay

1. Brighton (Brian A. O’Neal, Jack C. Binder, Parker A Wiest, Brock B. Harries) 1:26.69. 2. Westlake, 1:29.41. 3. Viewmont, 1:30.43. 4. Lone Peak, 1:30.44. 5. Sky View, 1:30.45. 6. Mountain Crest, 1:31.91. 7. Roy, 1:32.42. 8. Lehi, 1:34.40.

100 Backstroke

1. Adam Edwards, Mountain Crest, 52.80. 2. Joshua O. Ries, Lone Peak, 52.84. 3. Andrew Hunt, Viewmont, 54.79. 4. Braden S. Tiffany, American Fork, 55.92. 5. Braden Jensen, Copper Hills, 56.16. 6. James R. Dock, Westlake, 56.85. 7. Landon L. Stalnaker, Bingham, 57.20. 8. Cameron Eustice, Mountain Crest, 57.71.

100 Breaststroke

1. Jonah Simon, Cottonwood, 58.06. 2. Benjamin Verdejo, Lone Peak, 59.58. 3. Colin Dailey, Cottonwood, 59.83. 4. Spencer Dew, Lone Peak, 59.89. 5. Jack C. Binder, Brighton, 1:00.11. 6. Bryant W. Karratti, Lone Peak, 1:00.80. 7. Brandon Black, Mountain Crest, 1:01.43. 8. Payson Cunningham, Syracuse, 1:01.56.

400 Freestyle Relay

1. Cottonwood (Jarod Arroyo, Christian Simon, Colin Dailey, Jonah Simon), 3:12.92. 2. Mountain Crest, 3:14.30. 3. Lone Peak, 3:17.97. 4. Viewmont, 3:18.84. 5. Westlake, 3:22.16. 6. Riverton, 3:23.94. 7. Sky View, 3:23.98. 8. Pleasant Grove, 3:23.99.

*State Record