I didn't feel like I was going that fast because it didn't feel that good. So it was a shock to me when I saw my time. But when I saw it I was so excited. —Park City's Lucas Hess

PROVO — Sometimes you feel your swim is going well and sometimes you don't. And sometimes, at least for Park City's Lucas Hess, when you don't feel it's going well you just happen to break a 19-year-old state record.

Hess, a sophomore, set the 3A state record for the 200-yard freestyle on Friday with a time of 1:41.89. He bested his nearest competition by a little more than seven seconds in what was the swim of his life.

But for Hess, his record-setting race certainly didn't feel as much until he touched the wall and saw his time.

"I didn't feel like I was going that fast because it didn't feel that good," Hess said. "So it was a shock to me when I saw my time. But when I saw it I was so excited."

Hess may have been the headliner for Park City on Friday, but he was hardly the team's only gold medalist, let alone the only one breaking state records.

The Park City girls started the meet in style, breaking the 3A state record for the 200-yard medley relay with a time of 1:47.83.

Other top performances by the Miners included the boys 200-yard individual medley relay team, which also won gold with a time of 1:40.57; Siena Seen, who took the girls 200-yard freestyle crown (1:55.34); 200-yard individual medley champion Jinwon Bailar (1:58.94); and 50-yard freestyle winner Rozie Selznick (24.33.)

As one could imagine, Park City finished the first day of competition with commanding leads. The Miner girls combined for 185 points, 63 points clear of second-place Cedar City (122) while the boys combined for 142, which was 35 points ahead of its nearest competitor, also Cedar City (107.)

Other gold medalists on Friday included Canyon View's Nathan Wallace, who missed a 3A state record by just one-tenth of a second in the 50-yard freestyle, scoring a time of 21.27.

In the 200-yard individual medley, Cedar City's Katelyn Gross took the gold with a time of 2:11.31.

"This feels so great because I've been working for it for months and months and months," Gross said shortly after receiving her gold medal. "I was very excited going in, so I could barely sleep last night. So my positive attitude, and my excitement, I think really helped me beat my previous best time by three seconds. I'm just so excited right now."

3A's final day of competition will continue on Saturday at 10 a.m. at BYU.

3A swim meet results through four events


at BYU

Girls results:

200-yard medley relay: 1. Park City (Mara Selznick, Joelle Hess, Kendal House, Katie Hale), 1:47.83; 2. Cedar City, 1:50.08; 3. Dixie, 1:55.04; 4. Desert Hills, 2:00.86; 5. Juan Diego, 2:03.81; 6. Snow Canyon, 2:04.20; 7. Bear River, 2:04.76; 8. Logan, 2:04.85

200-yard freestyle: 1. Siena Seen, Park City, 1:55.34; 2. Megan Draney, Desert Hills, 2:00.67; 3. Amanda Ruhr, Cedar, 2:02.66; 4. Abby Whittington, Juan Diego, 2:02.71; 5. Molly McCoy, Desert Hills, 2:04.24; 6. Alina Barnes, Dixie, 2:04.40; 7. Nicole Christensen, Snow Canyon, 2:05.32; 8. Emma Strong, Park City, 2:06.35

200-yard individual medley: 1. Katelyn Gross, Cedar, 2:11.31; 2. Elise Beller, Park City, 2:11.77; 3. Joelle Hess, Park City, 2:12.49; 4. Jaclyn Testone, Juan Diego, 2:15.68; 5. Stephanie Dansie, Snow Canyon, 2:18.08; 6. Tori Geller, Logan, 2:18.60; 7. Jessica Beyer, Park City, 2:18.68; 8. Elisa Price, Cedar City, 2:20.24

50-yard freestyle: 1. Rozie Selznick, Park City, 24.33; 2. Kristen Gross, Cedar, 24.58; 3. Katie Hale, Park City, 24.81; 4. Kendal House, Park City, 25.35; 5. Mya Ottenschot, Desert Hills, 25.40; 6. Brei McQuivey, Cedar, 25.55; 7. Jess Espinoza, Juan Diego, 26.16; 8. Aspen Bonzo, Cedar, 26.26

Team standings/points: 1. Park City, 185; 2. Cedar, 122; 3. Desert Hills, 91; 4. Juan Diego, 83; 5. Dixie, 79; 6. Snow Canyon, 58; 7. Logan, 35; 8. Bear River, 24

Boys results:

200-yard medley relay: 1.Park City (Cole Peterson, Jack McMullin, Jinwon Bailar, Dennis Djunic), 1:40.57; 2. Cedar, 1:40.94; 3. Juan Diego, 1:42.15; 4. Bear River, 1:44.91; 5. Logan, 1:46.58; 6. Desert Hills, 1:47.57; 7. Dixie, 1:50.37; 8. Pine View, 1:50.52

200-yard freestyle: 1. Lucas Hess, Park City, 1:41.89; 2. Ryan Bunn, Hurricane, 1:48.66; 3. Alex Yokubison, Park City, 1:50.30; 4. Tucker Hathaway, Dixie, 1:52.47; 5. JR Gustat, Juan Diego, 1:52.54; 6. Hunter McKenzie, Juan Diego, 1:53.16; 7. Logan Florence, Canyon View, 1:53.49; 8. Garrett Dotson, Cedar, 1:57.47

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jinwon Bailar, Park City, 1:58.94; 2. Alec Chournos, Bear River, 2:06.26; 3. Camden Snow, Desert Hills, 2:06.89; 4. Alex Knight, Cedar City, 2:07.11; 5. Jack McMullin, Park City, 2:10.33; 6. David Kim, Logan, 2:11.74; 7. AJ Dansie, Snow Canyon, 2:11.84; 8. Felix Weingartner, Cedar, 2:12.98

50-yard freestyle: 1. Nathan Wallace, Canyon View, 21.27; 2. Alan Anderson, Canyon View, 21.88; 3. Vincent Hess, Park City, 21.93; 4. Woodey Greer, Juan Diego, 22.99; 5. Noah Ashton, Desert Hills, 23.02; 6. Zackery Thomas, Bear River, 23.12; 7. Calvin Brown, Cedar, 23.26; 8. Kaden Earl, Carbon, 23.35; 8. Dennis Djunic, Park City, 23.35

Team standings/points: 1. Park City, 142; 2. Cedar, 107; 3. Bear River, 81; 4. Juan Diego, 74; 5. Desert Hills, 66; 6. Canyon View, 53; 7. Logan, 50; 8. Dixie, 39

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