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Mike DeBernardo, Deseret News
Mountain View Mushrooms CEO Bart Adams talks about the business that's been in Fillmore since 1974, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016.

FILLMORE — The gray and blue building on the west side of I-15 doesn't look like much.

In fact, thousands of drivers pass the building at 550 S. 1100 West every day and don't know what goes on inside.

“I guess it’s kind of a secret here, but now we want to make sure everyone knows that we're here,” said Bart Adams, the CEO of the small mom-and-pop business. “We’ve been here since 1974.”

The business is Mountain View Mushrooms. Adams bought out his father three years ago to run the place, and there are a lot of mushrooms there.

"Well, we grow over 6 million pounds a year. We're kind of a midsized mushroom farm as far as the industry is concerned, but we're the only commercial farm in Utah,” Adams said.

They business does everything from composting material, spawning and seeding hundreds of wooden trays, to harvesting, packing and shipping the mushrooms.

"It's as much art as it is science,” he said.

It takes roughly 20 days from composting to harvesting. About 120 people work at Mountain View Mushrooms, but the company services a lot of customers through its distributors like Panda Express, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Zuppa’s.

Also, if you've eaten a Portobello, crimini or regular white mushroom in Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, either at a fancy restaurant or at a fast-food joint, chances are it came from Fillmore.

“Yeah, 80 percent chance it's from us. We have about 80 percent of the Salt Lake and 80 percent of the Las Vegas food service markets,” Adams said.

Mountain View Mushrooms also ships to the Los Angeles area.

Most don’t recognize the name of the company because its customers are mainly restaurants. Customers don't really see them in grocery stores. That’s one area in which Adams says his business would like to do better.

The company does have billboards in Fillmore letting drivers know about a small store attached to the facility where customers can buy fresh mushrooms.

“It’s done well. Yeah, we have a lot of people who pull right off the freeway who say, 'We saw your billboard and we didn't know you were here,'” Adams said. “We've grown each of the last three years, and we have prospects to grow again this year and things are looking up."