I am a proud mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah’s (BBBSU) mentoring program. I’ve been involved for a while and have a wealth of experiences to look back on. Nearly 20 years ago, a shy, quiet 12-year-old girl I met through BBBSU began to see a future for herself that included college and a stable job instead of the huge uncertainty she knew as a child. She is now a successful, professional woman whose achievements that make me proud every day. The children we serve usually have an uncertain future, but we have solid data that being matched with a caring, adult mentor helps these kids improve in quantifiable, key aspects of their life that puts them on the path to succeeding as adults. We know that one person can have a huge positive impact on a child’s trajectory. BBBSU’s unique mentoring program creates professionally-supported one-to-one relationships, which change kids' lives for the better. Though that’s our main goal, I realized that it doesn’t just benefit the kids we serve. I learned a lot in the process, too, and I know that BBBSU creates a better future for all of us. The investment we make today in children has a tremendous future return in quantifiable and human terms. One-to-one mentoring strengthens our community and works for all of us.

Debbie Stone

Salt Lake City