The Family Acceptance Project provides advice for parents and families of youth experiencing same-sex attraction.

The Family Acceptance Project offers some best-practice advice for things parents and families can do — or avoid — to help their children who are LGBT be safe and feel loved. It’s also available in a version specifically for LDS families.

Among the do’s:

— Express your love when you learn the child is gay or transgender

— Support your child, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable

— If your child is mistreated, be your child’s advocate

— Require other family members to respect your child

— Help your faith community welcome your child

— Expect a good adult future for your child

Things to avoid include:

— Don't physically express disapproval because of LGBT identity

— Don't verbally harass

— Don't leave your child out of family activities

— Don't block access to LGBT friends or resources

— Don't blame your child if he or she is discriminated against because of LGBT identity

— Don't threaten God’s punishment

— Don't make an LGBT child hide that identity and treat it as a secret

Source: Supportive Families, Healthy Children, San Francisco State University