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Covenant Communications
Cover of A Songbook for LDS Families

"A SONGBOOK FOR LDS FAMILIES: Honoring the Musical Legacy of Janice Kapp Perry," by Janice Kapp Perry and Bonnie Hart Murray, Covenant Communications, $25.99, 149 pages

Janice Kapp Perry has long been a favorite LDS musician. While Bonnie Hart Murray is a relative newcomer in the LDS music world, the teaming of these two women results in a feast for the ears and heart in their “A Songbook for LDS Families.”

This musical book is divided into two parts. The first section has 18 of Perry’s most popular songs, including “The Test” and “His Image in Your Countenance.” Each song is accompanied by beautiful, full-color paintings by artists Greg Olsen and Simon Dewey. Along with the lyrics and music, Perry also explains the backstories of how her songs came about and of the heavenly insights that helped inspire the final musical renditions.

Part two of “A Songbook for LDS Families” consists of 28 songs focused on the Book of Mormon. With lyrics by Murray and music by Perry, each hymn focuses on different parts of the Book of Mormon. The songs are about subjects such as Lehi, King Benjamin and Jesus Christ. Several pieces are also accompanied by Arnold Freiberg and Tom Lovell’s familiar Book of Mormon artistic depictions.

“A Songbook for LDS Families” is an uplifting book that can please both music lovers and artists. With a hardback cover and spiral-bound interior pages, this sturdy music book will thankfully sit flat on music stands. Most of the pieces are of medium difficulty, and individuals able to play from the LDS hymnbook should be able to play these as well. Although this songbook is geared toward the piano, many of the songs in the first section also have chord notation. Two CDs of the piano accompaniment of all the songs are included with the book.

A Utah native, Perry has been writing and recording music for four decades. She is the recipient of several awards and resides in Provo. Murray has a bachelor’s degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver and resides in Aurora, Colorado. These two musicians have already won several awards for their hymn collaborations.

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