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Walnut Springs Press
"The Ring of Remaliha" is by Melanie Mason.

THE RING OF REMALIHA,” by Melanie Mason, Walnut Springs Press, $16.99, 200 pages (f)

Egyptologist April Tanner doesn’t know whom she can trust after she receives an ancient ring from her boyfriend days after his murder, accompanied by a note to trust no one. Before long, she finds herself involved in a treasure hunt fraught with danger and intrigue in Melanie Mason’s newest book, “The Ring of Remaliha.”

April must discover what the hieroglyphs on the ring mean and what they have to do with the ancient trader Remaliha and the treasure he stole. As she follows clues from the ring, she mourns Peter and tries to stave off the unwanted advances of Nathan, a dashing archaeologist, and his friend James.

The expedition gets even more dangerous when someone tries to kill her and steal the ring. Alone and armed with only her ingenuity, she must keep the ring from falling into the wrong hands.

From New England to the ancient archaeological sites of Egypt, “The Ring of Remaliha” presents the reader with an edge-of-the-seat experience. Mason has crafted a well-written book full of intrigue and unpredictable plot twists.

“The Ring of Remaliha” has neither violence nor scenes of a sexual nature.

Mason graduated from Utah State University in Logan and now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Sharon Palmer is a speech-language pathologist, a mother of three and an aspiring Jedi. Her email is sharonspalmer@gmail.com.