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Hillary Abplanalp
Evie Clair holds a copy of the "Once I Was a Beehive" soundtrack that features her on two of its songs.

Evie Clair was in kindergarten when her older brother came home with a permission form to participate in the school’s talent show. According to the form, participants had to at least be in the second grade. Evie recalled thinking, “What? That’s not fair — I should be able to do it.”

She got her wish and debuted on her school’s stage, singing and playing the piano. Her performance went so well that she decided to do it again the following year.

This led the now-12-year-old singer from Florence, Arizona, to sing at other places and gain greater confidence in her talents. Most recently, Evie participated in the LDS Church’s A Savior is Born initiative, performing “Mary Did You Know?” in a Christmas video.

Another big moment for Evie was when her music was featured in the film “Once I Was a Beehive," which premiered in August 2015. The film's soundtrack was released in December, although producers had not initially planned on releasing it, according to a news release.

“We had gotten a lot of cool songs to use in the movie,” said Maclain Nelson, writer and director of the film, in a news release. “The songs really resonated with everyone who saw the movie, and they started asking how to get them. So we figured we should make people happy and release a soundtrack.”

Evie was the winner of a competition that resulted in her singing the theme song, “Together,” at the movie’s official premiere. Hailey Smith, one of the film's producers, wrote the song. To compete, Evie submitted one of her original songs, “Peanut Butter to my Jelly.”

“(I) had no idea it would actually do something,” she said. “When (the song) went up in the top 50, I thought, ‘How did I get there?’”

She didn’t believe she’d get past that point, thinking it was “just like any other audition.”

But she made it to the top three, and soon after that, she received a call from the film’s producers saying she had won and asking her to perform “Together” at the movie’s premiere in Utah.

Evie said she was calm and composed during the conversation, but that as soon as she hung up she screamed with excitement.

In addition to the theme song, one of Evie’s original songs is also featured on the film’s soundtrack. Titled “For You,” the song was written a few years ago for her cousin who was going through a challenging time. She wanted to get the message across that “It doesn’t matter what you do in your life…. I will still love you because you’re my family.”

The song wasn’t originally going to be used in the movie, but the producers heard it and thought it fit nicely with the film and its theme and added “For You” to the soundtrack, Evie said.

Evie said it was exciting to be featured on the soundtrack, saying that she had “never really had anything like that happen to (her) before.”

She attributes her musical success to her faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“It seems like every time I perform, I’m nervous only before and after because while I’m singing I know that my singing comes from my Heavenly Father,” Evie said. “(I noticed) that when I prayed before and afterward to thank my Heavenly Father for my talents then I do a lot better in my music.”

Evie added that before she performs she also prays she “will be able to touch people with (her) music.”

“I want (people) to understand the music,” Evie said. “I just want people to know when they hear my music that they are loved and they can feel the Spirit. Or if they’re not members (of the LDS Church), then they can know that they feel something special and later on they might feel that again and figure out what it is — the Holy Ghost.”

The “Once I Was a Beehive” soundtrack includes 12 tracks. Evie is featured on two songs. The other songs feature Natasha Watts, Kenz Hall, Sam Means, Jessica Frech, Kaliann, Paris Warner, The Sabre Rattles featuring Mark Abernathy, and Belle Jewel. The soundtrack is currently available for download digitally on iTunes, Amazon.com and Google Play.

'Mary, Did You Know?' by Evie Clair