Rescue crews with the Davis County Sheriff's Office are trying to get a disoriented snowshoer off the mountain above Layton. The man, 24, went on a snowshoe excursion and became disoriented after losing one of the shoes and trying to hike out.

LAYTON — A man who lost one of his snowshoes during a Sunday outing tried to hike out for a couple of hours without the equipment before becoming disoriented and calling his father for help.

Davis County Sheriff's Sgt. DeeAnn Servey said the man was prepared for the trip, having packed blankets, water and food.

Rescuers were able to track his location through GPS coordinates Sunday afternoon and are now trying to determine the best way to get him off the mountain above Fernwood Park in Layton.

"We’re happy that he was prepared for the cold weather," she said.

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