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Covenant Communications
"Just Married" is by Mark D. Ogletree.

"JUST MARRIED: Nurturing a Healthy, Happy and Eternal Marriage" by Mark D. Ogletree, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 246 pages (nf)

In “Just Married: Nurturing a Healthy, Happy and Eternal Marriage,” professional counselor Dr. Mark D. Ogletree shares a good deal of wise advice and humorous insights directed to college-age newlyweds.

Ogletree shares advice on topics including communication, personality, intimacy and financial preparation, using charming examples from his own marriage, experiences from his clients (used with permission), and lessons from scriptures and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ogletree's advice is especially valuable to the married couple that is having trouble communicating.

In the chapters on personality and meekness, he writes about how to find personality breakdowns and shares explanations of how a spouse’s love language might affect how affectionate “arrows” are not hitting the target. The topics are unique and refreshing to find in a newlywed marriage book.

The chapter called "Meekness in Marriage" is insightful as it addresses defensiveness and how to combat it; contention; and how one properly practices meekness according to scripture. What is so delightful about this section is that it relies so heavily on scripture, prayer and counseling with proper authorities.

At the end of each chapter, Ogletree lists homework for the couple specific to the chapter that can help enrich their relationship and build overall happiness.

The chapters on financial preparation and sexual intimacy include many things for an engaged couple to consider before tying the knot. Ogletree also includes thoughtful lists of questions and several answers for an individual or couple to consider.

Although Ogletree writes to freshly married college students, “Just Married” is an excellent book for anyone, married or not.

Erin Adair lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and tiny dog, Violet. She has an alarming obsession with books and is often seen with her hands stained by ink or splashed with paint. Instagram: ErinEverAfter