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A man expresses gratitude for his haircut.

Despite busy holiday schedules, a group of Utah hairstylists recently spent a day giving free haircuts to those in need at the Ogden Rescue Mission. Several other organizations contributed food, clothes and other supplies.

The event took place Dec. 12, and the hairstylists' efforts were documented in a video, which was posted on Facebook a week later.

Haircuts for the Homeless Inspirational Ogden Community

Weren't able to schedule an appointment with your favorite hair stylist last Saturday? Here's why. #Ogden #Utah Instagram: @hairbymandielynn

Posted by Circa3 on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recipients of the service said they felt "respectable" and "human again."

Mandie Barnes, who organized the event, said she wanted "to give back and kind of remember what Christmastime is all about."

"I feel like a haircut can go a long ways for someone," Barnes said in the video. "Whenever someone comes in the salon, or even here today, I just feel like a haircut gives someone the extra bit of confidence maybe to find a job or to just feel good about themselves for the holidays. Hopefully they'll just feel better walking out the door than they did when they came in."

Watch the video on Facebook here.

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