James Matsumori is photographed with his wife, Vicki.

James R. Matsumori, a Utah native and a former mission president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Dec. 8 at the age of 64 from the effects of cancer. Prior to his passing, Matsumori wrote his own obituary, which appeared on Rather than listing his accomplishments, he took the opportunity to honor his loved ones.

As he recounted the story of his life, Matsumori wrote of his “goodly parents”; called marrying his wife, Vicki, “the smartest and luckiest thing I ever did"; and expressed gratitude for his faith, children and grandchildren. He recalled lessons he learned as a boy on his family’s farm and as a missionary in Japan. He also paid tribute to the business associates he met during his career as an investment banker.

Matsumori and his wife, the second counselor in the Primary general presidency from 2005-2010, accepted a call to serve as a temple president and matron, but Matsumori was diagnosed with cancer before being able to serve in that capacity.

“Heartfelt thanks for the influence you’ve been to me and my family,” Matsumori wrote at the end of his obituary. “I’m now off looking for mountains to climb, lakes to fish and people to serve. Onward and upward.”

Read Matsumori's obituary here.