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Stace Hall, Deseret News
At least two and possible more people were killed Thursday in a plane crash in southern Utah, police said.

HURRICANE, Washington County — Two peopled died Thursday when a small single-engine plane crashed in southern Utah.

A witness who lives near the crash site called the St. George Consolidated Dispatch Center shortly after 1:30 p.m. to report the emergency.

"It was reported that a plane was seen traveling very low and crashing in a remote area between Sullivan Knoll and Flora Tech Road," Hurricane police said in a statement.

That undeveloped area is in the far west part of Hurricane.

"It took a little bit to try to find exactly where the plane had gone down," said Hurricane Police Sgt. Brandon Buell, noting that the plane crashed in an elevated area.

Police didn't release the names or ages of the victims, though they did say it was one male and one female who died. The plane is designed to carry just two passengers, Buell said.

The cause of the crash were not immediately known.

— Ben Lockhart