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Mother and pregnant daughter sharing photographs

Nearly every facet of life but parenting could be documented through emojis — until Momojis.

Caroline Bologna wrote for The Huffington Post that Luvs recently introduced a custom emoji keyboard called Momoji for people "in the throes of parenthood who want to sum up their chaotic, diaper-filled days." In both the Apple and Android app stores, Momoji includes emojis symbolic of rearing little ones like baby food, a bottle and a pacifier.

Kate Schweitzer for POPSUGAR hilariously detailed scenarios when moms and dads alike might find practical use of the custom keyboard.

"Just imagine a world where, instead of having to write out a shopping list for your partner, you can just text him a smattering of one of the more than 80 parent-approved emojis," according to POPSUGAR.

Zayaan Schroeder Mollagee wrote for Parent24 the emojis capture the essence of 21st-century parenting.

Still, traditional communication methods prove more appropriate in some situations, POPSUGAR indicated.

"Even expectant couples can get some use out of the roster — what a better way to let your family know you're expecting than with the positive pregnancy test emoji?! OK, sometimes it's still best to just make a phone call," the article read.

View some of the best parenting emojis from Momoji in the gallery below:

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