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Information gathered by BabyCenter indicated Instagram filters inspired parents of newborns in naming their kids in 2015.

Amaro, Reyes, Valencia and Willow — they're all filters on the photo-sharing app and baby names that saw increases in prominence the last 12 months, BabyCenter's top trends piece indicated. The bottom line: Young parents utilize social media in a plethora of ways, so now, they're turning to it for landmark life decisions, according to BabyCenter.

"Many new moms and dads are at home on social media and fluent in emoji, hashtags and memes," the report read. "Some wouldn't even think of posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram without some creative tweaking. So why not put those favorite filters to an even better use?"

Jay Hathaway wrote for New York magazine that the boy names Ludwig (up 42 percent), Amaro (26 percent), Reyes (10 percent) and Hudson (4 percent) are all filters on Instagram and that babies toting these titles skyrocketed this year.

"Lux, the name of the photo-enhancement button Instagram introduced back in 2012, also jumped 75 percent for boys and a small percentage for girls," according to New York magazine.

Rising girls names related to the social media site's filters included Juno (up 30 percent) and Valencia (26 percent), Kirstie McCrum wrote for Mirror Online.

New York magazine did note a few names of filters declined in popularity for 2015's newborns — including Sierra, Walden and Lark. In addition, a name like Brooklyn belongs to other established places and people, making it hard to measure the effect of Instagram.

Still, it's a notable trend and one, depending on the way people look at it, that's a bit concerning, according to The Independent.

"Apparently, some people believe the same filters that add sparkle to their otherwise boring photos could have a similar effect on their offspring," The Independent reported. "Instagram has become so normalized that people are adding filters to their children."

View the effects of the Instagram filters parents drew inspiration from below:

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