I was delighted to learn in a recent article that Gov. Gary Herbert would “consider backing a new national monument in the state if (it) would lead to … compromise on public lands” (“Gov. Herbert would back new national monument,” Nov. 12).

We aren’t told what compromise the governor is looking for, but I want to remind him of the important local land-management compromise he has already endorsed. A few months back, the long process called Mountain Accord came to its culmination with the signing of “The Accord.”

“The Accord,” to which Gov. Herbert was a signatory, calls for the designation of the Central Wasatch as a federally protected zone — perhaps not as a national monument, but offering a similar permanent designation. The governor doesn’t need to look to southern Utah for his “compromise.” He has already signed on to this local compromise and should use his influence to see that the aims of “The Accord” are brought to fruition.

John Worlock

Salt Lake City