I have lived in South Salt Lake for 10 years. This is a great city with a great location. We are within walking distance to Indian, Bosnian and Middle Eastern restaurants. We can walk to the movies and a gelato shop. But what we cannot walk to is a park where we can play basketball or tennis or ride bikes. There are no parks nearby with recreational facilities that fit the whole family. That’s why there is the $13 million South Salt Lake parks bond. For the average homeowner, that is about $4/month.

Each time South Salt Lake residents try to improve their community, a handful of special interests fight against it. Are they being paid off by developers? They tell you that the time isn’t right or that we are too poor. This selfish and dishonest talk has held our city back for too long.

This bond is about creating a city that attracts families by providing the amenities they desire. It is about the healthy future of our city and valley. This bond is about creating a prosperous, thriving community.

Nancy Aruscavage

Salt Lake City