FILE — Peter Huntsman, CEO of Huntsman Chemical at his Houston, Texas office, Nov. 20, 2003. Peter Huntsman has been named chief executive officer of both Huntsman Foundation and Huntsman Cancer Foundation. He had previously served as president and CEO of Huntsman Corporation since July 2000.

SALT LAKE CITY —The top executive for the Huntsman Corp. will take on the additional role of head of the family's philanthropic efforts.

Renown industrialist Jon Huntsman Sr. announced Monday the appointment of Peter Huntsman as chief executive officer of both the Huntsman Foundation and Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Since July 2000, Peter Huntsman has served as president and chief executive officer of Huntsman Corp. He served as president and chief operating officer since 1994 and in various other capacities with the Huntsman companies since 1983.

Originally founded in 1970 as Huntsman Container Corp., a manufacturer of plastics packaging for more than 80 products, Huntsman Corp. today is based in The Woodlands, Texas. The corporation has approximately 16,000 employees in locations worldwide with revenues over $12 billion in 2014.

The Huntsman Foundation is based in Salt Lake City and founded by Jon and Karen Huntsman to support cancer research, education, the underserved, along with programs that serve the homeless, women and children.

The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is a public charity established in 1995 to support cancer research taking place at Huntsman Cancer Institute. The foundation is supported by hundreds of thousands of donors with 100 percent of donations going directly to support Huntsman Cancer Institute, according to the foundation.

“This appointment represents our family’s multigenerational commitment to not only curing cancer, but leaving a better society for future generations," said Jon Huntsman Sr. "Peter will join his other siblings already engaged in various philanthropic endeavors in the Intermountain area and around the world.”

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