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Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer speaks Oct. 4 during the Sunday morning session of the 185th Semiannual General Conference.

"If ever there was a time that the world needs disciples of Christ who can communicate the gospel message with clarity and from the heart, it is now. We need the clarion call of the trumpet," said Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer of the Seventy during the Sunday morning session of the 185th Semiannual General Conference on Oct. 4.

Christ, who demonstrated the courage to stand for what's right, was the best example of declaring the gospel, Elder Schwitzer said. "He was not afraid to speak against the earthly powers or rulers of his day, even when such were opposing His mission given to Him by the Father," he said. "His words were not designed to confuse, but to move the hearts of men."

Similarly in the New Testament, Peter confronted men of the world with clarity and courage, testifying of Jesus Christ. That day many heard his words and felt the Spirit, and 3,000 souls joined the early Church. Elder Schwitzer said, "This is powerful evidence that one man or woman, who is willing to testify when the world seems to be going in the opposite direction, can make a difference."

The apostle Paul, too, testified powerfully to an antagonistic crowd when he was called before King Agrippa. "True disciples of Christ are not looking to make excuses for the doctrine when it doesn't fit the world's current concepts," Elder Schwitzer said. Instead, Paul desired for all who heard him to understand absolutely his message and to altogether become disciples instead of almost Christians.

The great and spacious building seen in Lehi's dream is filled with those mocking faithful members of the Church, Elder Schwitzer said. "As I watch the current world moving away from God, I think this building is growing in size." Members must be sure to never let go of the iron rod, he said.

"The simple message is that God is our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is His Son. The gospel is restored in these latter days through living prophets and the evidence is the Book of Mormon. The path of happiness is through the basic family unit as originally organized and revealed by our Heavenly Father. This is the familiar melody of the message that many can recognize, because they have heard it from their pre-mortal life.

"As Latter-day Saints, it is time for us to stand up and testify."


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