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Tanner Mangum is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. —James the Mormon said.

PROVO — James Curran, better known as James the Mormon, was asked to write a song for BYU football after the hype of kicking off the season with back-to-back Hail Mary victories.

And with thousands of video views, it appears James the Mormon nailed it.

The rap includes a tribute to injured Taysom Hill, freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum and the Cougar exciting season that lies ahead.

Released yesterday, DREAMIN: A Tribute to BYU FOOTBALL has nearly 23,000 views on YouTube and over 76,000 views on Facebook.

Captioning the tribute release on James the Mormon’s facebook page, Curran said, “Tanner Mangum is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met.”

Assisting James the Mormon in the making of this video were Yohosh Bonner on vocals, Sam Wilder behind the camera and Chance Lift editing the rap. American Leadership boys basketball coach Yahosh Bonner also shared his musical voice for the rap.

Chanel Barnes, Deseret News sports writer, can be found on Twitter @thebarnesbeat