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Imagine that Voldemort were searching for a place to hide a horcrux in Utah. Where would \"He Who Must Not Be Named\" choose? While one cannot be sure, there are definitely some good options in Utah.
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In 1997 the literary world changed forever as we were introduced to an odd boy named Harry Potter. Eighteen years, seven books, and eight movies later, Potter fans around the world still adore every adventure of our heroes.

Perhaps the greatest adventure of them all was when Harry and company went to work destroying horcruxes that “He Who Must Not Be Named” hid all over the wizarding world.

If “moldy-old Voldy” (read in your best Jeeves voice) spent time in Utah, here are a few places he might have hidden his horcruxes.

  1. The first horcrux in the Potter saga was Tom Riddle's diary. Given to an unsuspecting Ginny Weasley by the malevolent Lucius Malfoy, Riddle's diary was a source of power few could wield. A perfect place to hide a book is the Salt Lake City Library in downtown Salt Lake. With its gorgeous architecture and luxurious open spaces, it would be the best place to conceal a small diary.

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  • Marvolo Gaunt’s ring is next on the list of horcruxes. The ring was found at the Gaunt shack, the sight of Tom Riddle’s mother’s home. With Utah’s rich history of pioneers and early settlers, there are several shacks where one could hide a small ring.
  • Those up for an adventure and a scenic drive — and what person seeking a horcrux isn't? — could head to one of Utah’s many ghost towns. While searching for that ring, one could also learn the Wild West’s history in person, and discover what the west was like before it was won.