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Jim Mone, AP
Chicago Bears' Jim McMahon (9) is shown during action against the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota, Nov. 28, 1982. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

BYU is thought to be one of the more tame college campuses around the country, but it’s also been home to two of the most infuriating sports figures in sports history, at least according to a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania media personality.

On Thursday, Chris Mueller and Joe Starkey of CBS Pittsburgh held a “draft” of the “most infuriating players of all-time,” and Starkey used two of his six choices to pick Danny Ainge and Jim McMahon.

Starkey selected Ainge with his first pick and McMahon with his fifth.

"Merely seeing his face on the television screen, you wanted to reach in, grab a hold of his teeth and pull them out of his skull,” Starkey wrote of Ainge.

Of McMahon, he wrote, “His mere presence was absolutely infuriating with his headbands and fake rebel persona."

Utah's Devontae Booker profiled

The journey University of Utah running back Devontae Booker took to ultimately wind up in Salt Lake City has been well-chronicled, but it was told once again Thursday by Sports Illustrated’s Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel.

Booker originally signed with Washington State out of high school five years ago, but a series of academic shortcomings and mishaps prevented him from playing Division I football until last year.

Now, not only is Booker seen by many as one of the better running backs in the country, but he has also earned his college degree.

"My path, I wouldn't call it great, but I don't regret it either," Booker said. "It's been a journey."

Utah Jazz scouted

In a run-up to the beginning of the NBA season, NBA.com is examining each of the league’s squads in a series called “30 Teams, 30 Days,” and it was the Utah Jazz’s turn to be looked at on Friday by writer Shaun Powell.

Utah, which will once again feature a starting lineup of players all under 25 years old, was praised for its youth movement, but Powell sees the ACL injury suffered by point guard Dante Exum as a big hit to Quin Snyder’s club.

“Utah went 19-10 when Exum replaced (Trey) Burke in the starting lineup,” Powell wrote. “While that flourishing finish was mainly due to (Gordon) Hayward, (Derrick) Favors and (Rudy) Gobert, Exum was getting in valuable reps. Now he’s yet another injury casualty in the NBA and must wait his turn all over again. And that’s OK. This franchise has always preached patience, so there’s plenty of time.”

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