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Disco-Bed Outdoor Retailer Show Summer Market 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — As the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015 comes to a close, as an outdoor enthusiast, these products made my list of the top 10 items seen at this year's show. Ranging from adventure camping systems to technology solutions for your GoPro, the Outdoor Retailer show offered a variety of products for everyone, not just the hardened outdoor survivalist.

Torch Paddles

Based here in Utah, Torch Paddles is leading the way with the most innovative piece of technology when it comes to paddles for Stand up Paddle Boarding, canoes and kayaks.

“We call it the torch to help you conquer the night,” said Johnny Quintana, COO Torch Paddles. “Nighttime on the water is an incredible time to be out, with our product; you illuminate your path.”

Using 144 LED light bulbs embedded into the lightweight but durable carbon fiber shaft, the fully waterproof flashlight paddle shines the light forward, so yourself or those who are paddling with you aren’t blinded. The design is innovative, filling a niche never before filled.

Polar Pro

With the increasing use of POV cameras such as a GoPro, additional power is an issue not fully addressed with a simple solution. The Power Pole from Polar Pro now streamlines the popular “selfie stick” with a built-in 5200 milliamp battery. This built-in battery extends the GoPro by an additional eight hours or the equivalent of five extra batteries in the GoPro. Additionally, the pole extends to 30 inches and is very durable built out of 100 percent aluminum.

“We started by providing lens filters for GoPros and drone cameras, but we looked at the market and wanted to provide a new solution that was built-in and not bulky or overbearing,” said Austen Butler, VP of Polar Pro. “Having the battery in line with the pole allows you to always have the back-up power, but doesn’t force you to have to take additional items.”

The Power Pole retails for $100 and can always be recharged for your next adventure. Considering the cost of five additional batteries for the GoPro, the Power Pole price point is a steal.


For someone who is interested in becoming more fit, but are finding the gym is not their scene, TRX Training brings the gym to your home with two devices designed with simplicity but massive versatility.

The TRX home suspension trainer is an all-in-one workout system that sets up over a door and anchor point in less than 60 seconds.

Using your body weight through suspension weight training, the home suspension trainer is easily adjustable, allowing for a total body workout.

“We have designed the system to work for the busy work professional on the go or the parent at the home who works out after they have finished their responsibilities for the day,” said Steve Smith, director of retail sales for TRX. “Allowing someone to work out on their schedule and at their speed increases their chances of fitness success. While this is the Outdoor Retailer show and not a fitness show, we at TRX believe a fit, active, healthy lifestyle allows you to enjoy the outdoors however you choose.”

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TRXtraining


Onewheel redefines skateboarding. After a successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign, Onewheel uses responsive technology to move the board forward while simultaneously reacting to the surface underneath the wheel to create one consistent fluid motion allowing Onewheel to operate on multiple surfaces.

“The idea for Onewheel came to me when I used to have to walk to work a mile everyday,” said Kyle Doerksen, Onewheel inventor and chief engineer. “I grew up as a snowboarder, and I wanted to bring the feeling of snowboarding to my work commute to add fun into the way to work. This electric skateboard allows you the freedom of mobility with a single wheel and electric charge.”

The design of the motor also acts as a conductor when rolling down a hill. The polarity of the motor reverses and recharges the battery extending your daily ride. The design is simplistic, yet incredibly responsive and easy to learn even if you do not have a skateboarding or snowboarding background.


Photographer bags are a dime a dozen, so why does the Incase DSLR and Action Camera Pro Pack make the top 10 list? Along with the simple design, the organized compartments are innovative. It’s the Incase Accessory Organizer that stores cables, caps and more that slide seamlessly into the bag in self-contained compartments, setting these bags apart from any other camera bag.

Video: https://www.incase.com/shop/bags/incase-dslr-pro-pack/black/

Malone Sport Trailers

In a state where car racks are commonplace to haul skis, snowboards, bikes and water toys, Malone Sport Trailers now offers a customizable trailer that is light enough to be towed by any car or SUV, but designed to carry all of the toys you need from your weekend getaway.

“The Malone MicroSport trailer is a great sports trailer that is offered in two base platform packages to best suit your towing needs but feature any amount of customization for any type of accessory mount that you need,” said Colin Malone, sales representative for Malone Trailers. “All of our products are made in the USA and are easy to assemble when shipped to your home.”

Featuring a class two hitch, an 8-inch extended tongue, and 12-inch galvanized wheels, make the trailer very stable and smooth while towing. What set the Malone Sport Trailer apart from other trailers is the complete customization available to fit your needs and the Second Level Tree with load bar feature. This addition allows a top level for even more haul space without increasing the height to a level that drastically affects gas mileage.

Tepui Tents

Most vehicles in the state of Utah feature a car rack mountain system. Whether it is an SUV or car, these mountain systems serve the purpose of hauling outdoor equipment and accessories. Wouldn’t it be nice if those car racks already available on your car, provided a second home?

Tepui Tents bring high-quality roof tents featuring the fastest tent set up and first tent to include a built-in mattress inside the tent. From off-road warriors in rough environments to families out for a lake getaway, the Tepui Tent translates to everyone. Tepui offers two- and four-man tent options plus the Autana SKY that includes a full drop down canopy providing a large spacing living area next to your vehicle.

“We want to bring camping simplicity to the entire outdoor market, and we believe we have the easiest and most compact solution for everyone,” said John Griffith, director of sales and marketing for Tepui Tents.

Disco Bed

Disco Bed is the most unique, yet stable bunkable sleep system that can be used while camping or anywhere on the go you travel. Designed to decrease the space needed for a sleep area, the Cam-O-Bunk maximizes comfort.

The stitching design contours to the body and displaces the weight evenly. Even when the bed is not on a level surface, the modular-disc feature for which the company is named, continually keeps the bunk level to sleep on.

The Disco Bed sets up in under 15 minutes and packs down into a 2x4 foot portable bag weighing less than 30 pounds per bag. The fabric used for the cot is rustproof and waterproof as well. When not being used for a bunk sleep system, it can be converted into a couch, creating a variety of uses.

Disco Beds are available in large, XL and kids options.

Simple Shower

Whether you are camping, backpacking or at the beach, Simple Shower offers you a very easy solution to shower while on the go.

“All of our products are made in the USA with recycled materials,” said James Peet, owner Simple Shower. “The Simple Shower offers a lightweight packable alternative to solar showers, bathing in the river or sponge bathing.”

The Simple Shower fits over most bottles of water. The middle tube draws air into the bottle forcing the water out in a steady stream. Simple Shower guarantees you will get wet and that a one- or two-liter bottle will get you clean.


The worst part about winter can be cold toes. They are the hardest to keep warm and the most miserable when they are frozen. Solution? Heated shoe insoles controlled via Bluetooth connected phone application.

The Digitsole not only can have the temperature adjusted right from the app, but it will also count the number of steps you take in the day.

The heated portion of the insole is from the middle of the foot forward so those toes stay nice and warm in whatever boot you want to put them in.