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Shaun (voice of Justin Fletcher, left), The Farmer (voice of John Sparkes, center) and Bitzer (voice of John Sparkes, right) in "Shaun the Sheep Movie.”

Information for parents about the film "Shaun the Sheep Movie":

Rude humor: Some people’s pants are low when they bend over. Flatulence and burping are used for comedic purposes. A man’s head is stuck in the backside of a decoy resembling a horse. A man lands in a pile of manure. A man’s pants are worn down to reveal his underwear.

Intensity: The animal catcher becomes more determined as the movie progresses. The animal shelter is dark and some animals are intense. In one scene, the farmer and the sheep are dangerously close to falling from a high ledge.

Violence: Features slapstick cartoon violence that does not injure anyone. The animal catcher uses an electrical apparatus for catching animals.

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