As summer nears its midpoint, what’s more fun than the Lagoon amusement park? I’m a teacher and chaperoned a Lagoon field trip; it’s a great time, but then came that train ride. I didn’t know about the wild animals. You might not either.

Why these animals? What’s their purpose? Lagoon meets the minimum federal regulations for wild animal care, but are animals even necessary? The speeding train prohibits anyone from spending real time with them. Apart from the species name, there’s no education offered. You don’t get to see animals up close where you can appreciate them. They provide Lagoon with nothing but controversy.

You don’t have to carry a card for PETA to understand that it’s not worth the cost to have animals on the ride. Lagoon has so many other attractions it doesn’t need these animals, and they certainly don’t need Lagoon. I’m asking for your awareness. Please don’t support Lagoon until it makes changes to the ride so that the animals serve a real purpose, or are replaced altogether. Get involved: write emails, sign the petition and don’t vote for Lagoon with your dollars.

Megan Straw