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Lauren Rose Spencer
Fanzz store manager Morgan Evans gets excited about the merchandise that comes through the store. He said that they have a variety of hats, and baseball fans seem to love those the most.
This crowd is a lot more laid back. Families come to get a hot dog and sit back and watch the game. The fan base is strong. —Morgan Evans

SALT LAKE CITY — Morgan Evans is in the middle of his second season working as the Fanzz store manager at Smith's Ballpark.

While at the ballpark, Evan is responsible for running the store and ensuring Salt Lake Bees baseball fans who come in have a good experience. “We are just the extension of what Smith’s Ballpark has to offer, and so we just want to be sure that the fans are excited," he said. "This crowd is a lot more laid back. Families come to get a hot dog and sit back and watch the game. The fan base is strong, and so we want to provide a good product."

The Fanzz store has over 30 styles of custom hats as well as various apparel with different color combinations. It sells exclusive items, unlike MLB or NFL team gear that is available at multiple stores. The store centers its products around the culture and history of the Bees, which appeals to fans. “When they throw on a Mike Trout throwback T-shirt, they love that," Evans said. "He’s a local hero — he ... played here, and now he’s one of the best in the world. So that is really awesome to have in our store." However, Evans said one of the highlights of his job is watching families enjoy spending time with each other and other fans at the games. He said children usually want a little bat or foam finger, and he loves watching parents react to their excitement. He also enjoys the atmosphere and scenery. "You can’t go wrong in the summer, being at the ballpark," Evans said. "Whether it is before the game or during, it's beautiful. One of my favorite things about the ballpark is the mountain range behind it. There’s nothing like it, one of the prettiest ballparks I’ve ever been to."

A native Californian, Evans said he is naturally an Angels fan and enjoys watching players from the Bees, an Angels affiliate, move up to the Los Angeles team.