I was heartened to read a recent article discussing Utah lawmakers “venting” over Envision Utah’s constant bad air message. In my opinion, Envision Utah is a powerful organization that uses deception and coercion to further political and special-interest objectives. They recently recruited sports figures and prominent citizens to encourage people to “make their voices heard” by taking the Envision Utah survey.

If you took the survey, as I did, it quickly became apparent that your voice would not be heard because the conclusions had already been reached. No matter how you answered the well-crafted questions and scenarios, your answers would validate Envision Utah’s conclusions — whether it be to urbanize our population or eliminate coal-burning power plants, etc. Like most people, I want clean air, good public transportation and a pleasant place to live. I don’t want to be railroaded by Envision Utah’s political agenda. Kudos to some state lawmakers for taking Envision Utah to task for its deceptive practices.

AJ Smith

Salt Lake City