(Alex J. Berliner, AP)
Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio pose with a \"Despicable Me 2\" minion as Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment present the American premiere of \"Despicable Me 2\" at Universal CityWalk and Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on Saturday June 22, 2013 in Los Angeles

The creator of "Despicable Me" talks about becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and representing faith in his films in an interview with Jana Riess for Religion News Service.

Cinco Paul grew up attending the LDS Church with his mother and was baptized right before attending Yale, according to Riess' Thursday blog post on Religion News Service.

Paul and his writing partner, Ken Daurio, met through the church and find it important to represent faith in their work. For example, "Despicable Me" includes a praying scene with three little girls.

"We strongly wanted that scene in there," Paul told Riess. "Religion is a very strong part of the lives of people, and it rarely gets any sort of real representation in films and TV."

According to the blog, Paul was not involved with "Minions," which hits theaters this weekend, but he will be back for "Despicable Me 3" in 2017.

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