Last March, we reported on WalletHub's examination of what makes a state good for women. Now we do the same for men.

Last March, we wrote about WalletHub's report on what makes a state good for women.

For that study, WalletHub examined everything from women's economic and social well-being to the state's record when it comes to women's health care. We also included some of their research about what makes a state great for women who work.

But what about men? Father's day is approaching fast, so in the spirit of their previous reports on women, WalletHub looked at which states are best for working men.

To rank the states, WalletHub looked at many of the same things they tracked for women, namely: Social and economic well-being, the state's record on healthcare and local laws that facilitate work-life balance, including child care.

WalletHub took each category and ranked each state accordingly. They then aggregated the overall score for each state.

Here, we've listed the 25 best performing states in WalletHub's rankings, from worst to best.

Did your state make the list?

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