The first part of that plan may choosing an engagement ring, which is an important part of your proposal and your marriage. Here are seven charts to help you.

We know that it’s about to be wedding season. After all, June, the biggest month for weddings, is slowly approaching. And since spring is also known as the time of love, you might start feeling like you want to tie the knot.

Planning a wedding proposal is easier said than done, though. You have to think about ring size, how you’re going to propose and what your significant other’s answer will be.

The first part of that plan may be choosing an engagement ring, which is an important part of your proposal and your marriage. In fact, a 2014 study found that couples who bought cheaper engagement rings had longer marriages than those who spent a lot more money, our own Lois Collins reported. This could be because couples who spent less were good matches for each other, or because spending less on a ring was simpler and less stressful, Collins reported.

Here are a few charts to help you buy the right ring for your fiancée and understand why wedding rings are so expensive. These charts were first published on Imgur by user Spogooooter a month ago.

This first chart shows you how different carat diamonds match up against each other, so you can better determine which diamond your spouse might prefer:


How your diamond will look on your fiancée’s hand is also important. Here's a graph which helps put the large variety of diamond sizes in perspective.


Now that you know what sizes look like, you have to find out your significant other’s ring size without ruining the surprise. This flowchart will help make that easier.


You should also consider color and style. This chart breaks down what different color diamonds look like, and what the ideal ring color is for most engagement rings:


Get to know the types of diamonds. Does your future spouse want a round, marquise or pear cut? Here’s a chart to help you see what each style looks like.


But be cautious. These two charts show that some diamond styles have a different effect on how people perceive them:



Lastly, do you mind if there are some visible specks on your diamond? Here’s what that’ll look like:


This chart explains what makes an engagement ring so expensive, mostly because of the diamond's qualities:


Yes, diamonds are expensive. But why? This chart explains why diamonds have a high price tag, even though they’re not rare and are a basic retail product. Note that part of the graph is in British pounds. Here's a currency converter to see how your U.S. salary stacks up.


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