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A new Dove commercial asks women whether they see themselves as "beautiful" or "average," and not everyone is amused.

Beautiful, or just average?

That's the question Dove posed to women all over the world in its latest advertisement for its Real Beauty Campaign.

In the ad, women in five cities around the world were asked to categorize themselves as either "beautiful" or "average" in a social experiment.

Dove labeled doors in public places with signs that read "beautiful" and "average" and asked women about why most of them chose to walk through the "average" door. According to Dove, 96 percent of women would not describe themselves as beautiful.

"Feeling beautiful is one of those choices that women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day," Dove said in a statement.

Time magazine called the ad inspiring.

"Embracing inner and outer beauty can be a difficult adjustment to make," Time's Laura Stampler wrote.

The New York Times called the ad poignant and empowering.

"Choose Beautiful, Dove’s latest campaign and accompanying film, celebrates beauty as a personal, universal choice that all women have the power to select," the Times' Emily Cegielski wrote.

But not everyone was picking up on Dove's attempt at empowerment. Buzzfeed's Arabelle Sicardi said the video was limited and condescending to women.

"Maybe those women described themselves as smart, funny, generous, kind, but we’ll never know, because the soap manufacturer wants to tell us how we feel about ourselves," Sicardi wrote. "And then fix it for us. With soap."

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